As District Attorney, I Will…

  • Bring transparency to our justice system to ensure the District Attorney’s office and those entrusted with administering equal application of the law are fair, just and straight forward with the constituents they serve.
  • Establish an Office of Integrity to ensure that the men and women working to protect us are honest, professional and respectful.
  • Modernize our justice system with advanced technologies, including an interactive app you can use to see court dates, learn about legal requirements and procedures, and get information about the various courts.
  • Institute mentoring programs for our elementary and high school students based on a civics and criminal law curriculum to prevent the incarceration of our young people.
  • Create an Ambassadors for Justice program, working with and building trust with our police officers and diverse communities on issues of public safety.
  • Provide ongoing legal training for our police and Assistant District Attorneys, to help them build more solid cases and protect innocent people.
  • Work to strengthen our gun laws, including expanding background checks to further reduce crime and improve our quality of life.
  • Expand ComALERT, the successful reentry program I helped spearhead, helping individuals successfully transition back into our communities.